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Call to Action – Stop ISDS and corporate impunity

As an alliance of over 200 organisations, trade unions and social movements, we call for urgent action to stop the unjust system of Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in all its forms and end corporate impunity.


ISDS is a one sided and unfair justice system for corporations that is used to bully governments. ISDS has been used to extract huge payments from countries that pass public health, workers rights and environmental initiatives and  sue corporations for their human rights violations. It is vitally important that we oppose this system and stop its expansion into a global Multilateral Investment Court (MIC), as planned by the EU.

Time for a new system to hold corporations to account

Instead, we need strong international action to hold corporations to account. Multinationals currently get away with serious human rights and environmental abuses around the world, hiding behind complex global structures to avoid responsibility.

This is why we demand a UN Binding Treaty to hold transnational corporations to account and end their impunity. We also call on the EU and its member states to enshrine in their laws the duties of corporations to respect human rights and the environment throughout their operations worldwide.

Corporations have too much power. It’s time to take it back from them!

Corporations will not do this willingly. They will not clean up their act themselves. It is time for us the people to force our policy makers to do it.

Already over half a million Europeans have declared their support for our campaign. This month, in the run up to European elections – it is time to mobilise. From the corridors of power in Brussels to town squares across this continent, we must take action and demonstrate that we have had enough of corporate privilege. Rights are for people. What corporations need, are rules!