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Hundreds of European candidates pledged to end corporate impunity


Thanks to supporters like you, we have managed to win the backing of hundreds of candidates for the European elections.

Across Europe, activists have been asking their MEP candidates  to vote against all forms of ISDS and for binding corporate accountability rules at EU and UN levels.

In some places like France, Denmark and the Netherlands, activists held debates with lead candidates, taking pictures with heads of list who pledged.

In other countries, like Germany, Austria, Belgium and Portugal, MEP voting records were put in a guide to help voters identify candidates who have voted the right way on corporate impunity.

In other places like Spain, and Finland, there were social media actions, press articles or street activities.

Members of our alliance managed to get the backing of a large number of candidates from a wide range of parties, most heavily from the green and left groups. We also got support from many Socialists & Democrats.

Their candidate for European Commission president, Frans Timmermans, said at an action in Brussels that we could “count on him” to deliver the aims of our campaign. We’ll hold him to that one!

Lead S&D candidate Timmermans pledging, April 2019, Brussels

Some candidates directly registered their pledge on our website. You can find a list below. In France alone, over 560 candidates promised to support our work!

The election campaign was just the beginning. As soon as they take office, we need to tell our newly elected representatives to stop passing deals with ISDS in them and get serious about ending corporate impunity.




List of candidates who directly pledged via our website


A.M. Meijer Netherlands
Amílcar Morais Portugal
Ana Strom Slovenia
Antonio francisco Fernández Lima Spain
Arnout Hoekstra Netherlands
Benedek Jávor Hungary
Bruno Góis Portugal
Carlos Medina Casado Spain
Cristina Borges Guedes Portugal
Daphne ten Klooster Netherlands
Diego Cameno Mayo Spain
Domen Savič Slovenia
Ernest Urtasun Spain
Fenna Feenstra Netherlands
Filipe Honório Portugal
Francisco Guerreiro Portugal
Heikki Ketoharju Finland
HOUCHARD Marie-Neige France
Igor Šoltes Slovenia
Jannie Netherlands
João Ferreira Portugal
Johannes VOGGENHUBER & all Austria
Joona Mielonen Finland
Juha Huhtala Finland
Jyrki Hvölä Finland
Karel Šrot Slovenia
Lionel Chambrot France
Lotta Alhonnoro Finland
Luka Mesec Slovenia
Manu Pineda Spain
Marc Botenga Belgium
Marek Nečada Finland
María Eugenia Rodriguez Palop Spain
Marion KRAINER Austria
Marisa Matias Portugal
Marjana Žužek Škalič Slovenia
Matti Laitnen Finland
Merja Kyllönen Finland
Mia Haglund Finland
Miguel Martins Portugal
Miguel Urbán Crespo Spain
Mizsei László Hungary
Paul Magnette Belgium
Pedro Alberto García Bilbao Spain
Pedro Oliveira Portugal
Peter Borsic Slovenia
Petra Greiner Slovenia
Petra Packalén Finland
Philippe Lamberts Belgium
Rauli Virtanen Finland
Sašo Slaček Brlek Slovenia
Sira Rego Spain
Sofia Sakorafa Greece
Tapio Siirilä Finland
Tiina Ahlfors Finland
Toussaint Marie France
Tuomas Nevanlinna Finland
Urša Zgojznik Slovenia
Urša Zgojznik Slovenia
Vanessa Angustia Gómez Spain
Werner kogler Austria
Yrjö Hakanen Finland