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What a week – ¼ MILLION Europeans hit back against corporate power

Action in the Netherlands, with Lady Justice


Europe says enough!

In the space of just one week, a quarter of a million Europeans have united to deliver a clear message to the European Commission and national governments.

Their efforts to revitalise the discredited ISDS system of corporate courts will not be allowed to pass.

Their opposition to a meaningful system of corporate accountability will not be allowed to stand.

The message is clear – the corporate agenda on ISDS will be opposed across Europe.

It’s been a big week for the campaign – so let’s look back and take stock of what happened:

The beginning of the campaign coincided with the World Economic Forum in Davos. There, intrepid campaigners braved high security to dress up as wolves and protest. They were briefly arrested but not before they were able to perform a banner drop in central Davos.

And that’s not all. They only went and made an awesome video starring Philip Morris and Vatten Fall – the greedy corporate ISDS loving wolves.

Protests and press events also took place across Europe including in Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, France and Portugal.

In other countries like Spain, Austria and Italy – there was a big social media push. The Spanish campaign was behind our campaign launch video that makes the issue crystal clear for supporters.

And as I said, over a quarter of a million people signed the petition so far. Combined with the fact that over 150 organisations, movements and trade unions have already backed the campaign – we can be sure that politicians are going to have to sit up and take notice.

But this is all just the beginning. Week one of what is going to be at least a year-long campaign